Juliette Watt

Speaker Author Coach

Juliette Watt has two missions in life.  The first is as a Reinvention Specialist where she helps everyone entering the  next act of their lives find their true passion and choose a different future.

The second is  to help people who are struggling with the debilitating and potentially lethal symptoms of Compassion Fatigue also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress Syndrome which not only affects caregivers, but it's also each of us one way or another. 

Juliette has lived both lives extensively.  

Born and raised in London, her first act was in the entertainment business.  She was a stunt rider in films, a Playboy bunny dealing cards in a casino and sang in cabarets world-wide.  

In her forties, she settled in New York and thrived as an Emmy-nominated scriptwriter, turning out more than seven hundred soap opera episodes and earning a six figure salary.

Her 2nd act began when she decided to become an ATP pilot and Master Flight Instructor.  That work led her to helping animals at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah and eventually flying rescue missions in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Over 6000 animals were saved.

And now - with Act Three Productions - it's all about making a massive impact and helping people create the life of their dreams.  

In her own words: "I want to help people who  have lost themselves in who they've been for other people."

Her second mission; Compassion Fatigue - is a world she has lived for many years.  For 40 years Juliette lost herself in the care of her mentally ill mother and then subsequently in the ten year constant care of neglected and abused animals.  Through speaking, workshops and 1-1 coaching she helps her clients gain insights into this dark and devitalizing syndrome. 

"The results of working with me is that people are energized to develop resiliency, recover their feelings of self worth and are empowered to create a more positive and joyful life."

Juliette lives in beautiful Pagosa Springs CO with her husband Jason, their 3 horses, 5 dogs, 4 goats, and a feral barn cat.

"My goal is to be of service and Make Your Magic Happen."